im meo (pronounced me-yo) from london UK. i am 26 years old. i like virtual animals and digital archiving.please email for commission inquiries or other info. i rarely use instagram/tumblr DMs and am unlikely to see your messagereposts are ok, but please add credit.

LINKS / CONTACT :→ [email:]→ [twitter: meo0098]
→ [tumblr: meo0098]
→ [instagram: 0.90189]
→ [ko-fi / print shop: meo]

COMMISSIONS :currently closed (including art trades)PRINTS / SHOP :i sell A6 / postcard sized (6"x4") prints on my ko-fi shop. i no longer sell the palmpichu stickers.if the shop is closed, you can still email me if you'd like a one-off order, and i'll send you an invoice via paypal once we've discussed it :-)WHAT SOFTWARE / NOTEBOOKS / ETC DO YOU USE?in general, for anything digital, i usually use procreate on an ipad mini. i use a version of the "narinder pencil" tool (which comes with procreate) that i have modified. sometimes i use ms paint.the notebook i use which i often post scans from is an a6 size stalogy 1/2 year.feel free to email me if you have a question about a specific drawing or product.TATTOO PERMISSIONS :feel free to get whatever you want as a tattoo, unless i have noted that the piece is a commission, in which case please email me so i can request permission from the clientthis piece was made for a close friend and is personal to her, and we prefer that people do not use it.other than that, go for it. i don't ask for tips, but i really appreciate photos. i like to post them on instagram sometimes, so let me know how to credit you and the tattooist if you are OK with me posting the photo there.

→ switch: SW-7349-8687-3192
→ 3DS: 4554-0881-0753